Set Habits for success!

GET 7-9 HOURS OF SLEEP EACH NIGHT The more good quality sleep that you get the better you feel! It’s not always possible but try

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The Cleans

The Clean  1. The start position: Feet – at least hip width apart. This may have to be adjusted slightly depending on the limb lengths of

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Responsibility and duty

What Are You Willing to Accept? One of my wife’s greatest phrases is “it’s not your fault, but it IS your responsibility.” Today, we’re going

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Ab Mat Sit-ups

AbMat sit-ups AbMat fills the space between the lumber curve and the ground Soles of the feet together Hands touch the ground at the beginning

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The Happy Coach

Now more than ever, the key to staying healthy is having a great coach. Your coach at CrossFit Tamworth knows this new way of life

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Power Snatch

The Snatch 1. The start position: Feet – are at least hip width apart with toes turned slightly out and heels flat on the floor. The

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